Q: What camera is this lens suitable for?

A: At present, various types have been released, namely Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, Leica and Panasonic.

Q: Why does the lens not have a lens cap?

A: It is specially designed for photographers who love photography, pursue light weight, and like to take pictures at will. In order to maximize the purpose of "extreme thinness and lightness", we have abandoned the filter ring, lens cap and other elements to achieve lightweight standards of thickness of only 15mm(0.59 inches).

But there is no need to worry about lens scratches, because the lens barrel is designed to be more prominent than the lens part, which can protect the lens properly. You can also use it as a metal body cover and take pictures as you like.

Q: Is it normal for the image to have dark corners?

A: At the beginning of the design, we have considered the problem of dark corners and redshift correction---designers must make difficult choices between lens volume and image quality. Compared to correcting dark corners, it is much more difficult to make a full-frame lens with 6 optical lenses in 5 groups to a thickness of 15mm(0.59 inches). Finally, we returned to our original intent---to design a type of lens for Snapshot and to create a brand new way to shoot.

At the same time, the dramatic high contrast in the image will give your work a unique style (of course, we can also repair the dark corners later).

Q: Any suggestions for shooting by using this lens?

A: The experiences summarized by our cooperative photographers are:

First, use the shutter priority, adjust the ISO automatically and choose the appropriate shutter speed according to the shooting theme and ambient light;

Second, use different photo filters (styles) to shoot, such as black and white, film mode and so on.