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Funleader Contax G35 f/2 to Leica M Conversion

Funleader Contax G35 f/2 to Leica M Conversion

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You may spend so much time on Leica and the Contax G system, especially on comparing them, and now we convert this Contax G35 f/2 for use on Leica M. If you want to shoot Contax G35 lens on your Leica camera, just give it a try!


  • Non-Destructive Conversion: When we convert the original Contax G35 lens for Leica M mount, we will not damage the lenses. It feels as good as the original Contax lens after conversion.
    • Good User Experience: The way of using this converted lens is just like using Leica Summicron 35mm f/2. With unsurpassed optics and images, you won't feel much difference compared to Leica lenses when you use it on Leica M.
    • Easy to DIY: If you have a Contax G35 lens, it is easy to assemble the original Contax optical lens group into our converted helicoid. You can recover Contax G35 if you do not want to play.
    • Distinctive Patina: This lens is fun and silmilar to Leica MP "correspondent". You can create a distinctive patina by sand paper, which would usually point to many years of constant use. To achieve this look, every lens can be ‘aged’ entirely by hand to create absolutely unique individual products.


      If you hava a Contax G35 lens and want to use it on Leica cameras, all you need is a converted helicoid. You can use our helicoid to replace the original Contax G35 helicoid by yourself.

      Step One: Disassemble Contax G35

      • Preparations before disassembly

      (1) Tools list: a screwdriver (Φ 1.0-2.6), a tweezer, paperclips, rubber;

      (2) Working environment: try to operate under sufficient light and dust-free environment;

      (3) Note: In order to protect the lens, it is recommended to use finger cots or gloves throughout the operation;

      •  Remove the lens ring from the original Contax G35 lens

      (1) Press the rubber against the lens, rotate the rubber and remove the front ring;

      (2) Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws (do not scratch the lens) and take out the second ring;

      • Take out the optical lens group and its gaskets

      (1) Tilt the lens downward and take out the optical lens group and its gaskets;

      (2) Note: After taking out the lens group, please put the lens group upside down on the table to prevent the rear lens (convex side) from being scratched.

      Step Two: Replace the Helicoid

      • Assembly list

      ❶Optical lens group;❷Rubber & 4 screws;❸Helicoid;❹Gaskets;❺Lens rings;❻Tools 

      • Adjust the aperture and place gaskets

      (1) Adjust the aperture to 2.0 and turn the aperture lever to full aperture;

      (2) Place gaskets in the helicoid and use a paperclip to align the hole of gaskets with the screw hole of the helicoid.

      • Put the optical lens group into M-mount helicoid

      (1) Align the aperture lever of the optical lens group with the groove of the helicoid;

      (2) With the help of the paperclip, align the optical lens group, gaskets and the helicoid.

      • Check and complete the replacement

      (1) Adjust the aperture to 2.0, after placing the optical lens group, do not pull out the paperclip during checking;

      (2) First install two diagonal screws, then check whether the aperture ring and focus ring are normal, and finally install the other two screws;

      (3) Install the lens ring and complete the replacement.

      • M-mount cameras infinite focus proofreading
      (1) Take the vertical reference object from 30 meters away and if the image is clear at ∞, please do not add the gasket;
        (2) If the image is not clear at ∞, please reduce the gasket;
          (3) If the image is clear at 5-∞, please add the gasket.

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              Mount: M
              Focal Length: 35mm
              Format: Full frame
              Maximum Aperture: F2.0
              Body Material: Brass

              In the box

              1 x Funleader Converted Lens / Helicoid
              2 x Gaskets (Only for Helicoid)
              1 x Rubber (Only for Helicoid)
              1 x Nail File (Only for Black Helicoid)
              [Lens Hood Not Included]


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              [2] Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.

              [3] PO BOX is not allowed as a shipping address!!!

              [4] Taxes and fees that may be incurred during shipping should be paid by the customers.